6 Apr

Tips for Culinary Trip to Israel: Seven Healthy Tu B’shevat Recipes


A culinary trip to Israel can be a joyful experience. Organized by Birthright Israel, a culinary trip with absolutelyisrael.com is the perfect way to explore the diversity of the culture and the sheer variety of cuisines offered in Israel. There are many local restaurants that are renowned for their offerings. You will find hundreds of places that serve quality food in Israel, ranging from Michelin-starred restaurants to simple street vendors who have been selling their foods for many years. During Tu B’Shevat, a great deal of healthy food is consumed throughout the country. Here are seven healthy recipes that you should try during Tu B’Shevat this year.

1. Israeli Salad

Eaten with almost every meal in the country, the Israeli salad contains primarily a mixture of tomatoes and cucumbers that are properly dressed in olive oil and a bit of lemon juice. However, during Tu B’shevat, many sellers put their own spin on the salad by adding a variety of greens and other vegetables to make it a lot tastier.

2. Shakshuka

Shakshuka isn’t just limited to Tu B’shevat. It’s a classic Israeli offering that’s consumed all around the year. Shakshuka basically includes eggs in tomato sauce. It’s sold at many shops around the country with most cooks adding some unique ingredients to make the taste their own.

3. Mujaderah

While it may sound extremely simple, the key to making perfect Mujaderah lies in using the right technique. It’s full of protein, and the meal is going to keep you full for several hours. It can be made using lentils, rice, and onions.

4. Halva

Not all sweet dishes need to be unhealthy. Halva, a popular dish consumed throughout Israel, is made from natural honey and sesame. The dessert has a crumbly texture and has become a staple street food in the city.

5. Sabich

Sabich is a great dish that’s very easy to make and, best of all, tastes amazing with pita bread. It’s essentially a full meal that’s properly wrapped in pita, containing salad ingredients, potatoes, parsley, and a lot more.

6. Baked Falafel

If you don’t feel that ordinary falafel is healthy enough, you can just bake the chickpea balls rather than fry them. Baking removes the oil and also gives the dish a very unique taste.

7. Basbousa

Also known as ravani, Basbousa is very common across the Eastern Mediterranean. You can find it in almost any bakery, or try your hand at making it on your own.


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